The deli is open on:

Monday-Friday from 6.30am-5pm, 

Saturday 7am-3

                  Sunday  7am-2pm               


Orders are open for Pesach click here 



Bianca’s Grub Store specialises in beautiful food, made with love. Owner Barry and his partner and mother-in-law, Brenda, a former cookery teacher in Johannesburg, keep the deli counter stocked with traditional and delicious classics such as chopped herring, kichel, fried fish balls, chopped liver, cheese blintzes and some of the best hamantashen and cheesecake in Sydney.

Bianca's Deli, Rosebay- Where expat South Africans can satisfy their culinary nostalgia..
Along with bagels, breads and a wide selection of kosher meat, South Africans can stock up on grocery favourites including Five Roses tea, Ouma rusks, Mrs Ball's chutney and, of course, boerewors and biltong.


 .order online passover Yom Kippur Rosh Hashana  2023 here herring,mock crayfish chopped liver haroset ,blintzes ,chicken soup

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